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Ry Cooder: The Complete Ali Farka Touré Interview

Ry Cooder and Ali Farka Touré first crossed trails in London in 1992. As a token of his admiration, the legendary African musician presented Cooder the one-string lute he’d played as a child. The musicians agreed to collaborate in the future. Two years later, Touré journeyed from Timbuktu to the U.S. for a tour and to record an album, Talking Timbuktu, for the Rykodisc label. Asked to produce the album and sit in on guitar, Cooder quickly agreed. “I’m glad to do it,” Cooder told me at the time. “Ali Farka is a charismatic man who’s got a lot of power and strength. He’s ferociously energetic, so his vibe and everything goes out. He’s like the village headman. He’ll just come in and reset the molecules in the room.” Continue reading