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Andy West: The Complete 1978 Dixie Dregs Interview

Co-founders of the Dixie Dregs, Andy West and Steve Morse met during tenth grade at the militaristic Richmond Academy in Augusta, Georgia. By then, West, born in 1954 in Newport, Rhode Island, was already a seasoned bass player. They formed the four-piece rock band Dixie Grit, which lasted until Morse left to study classical guitar in the music program at the University of Miami. Andy followed him there a few semesters later, and during senior year they put together the all-instrumental Dixie Dregs and recorded the limited-run The Great Spectacular album. In 1976 the Dixie Dregs met Allman Brothers road manager Twiggs Lyndon, who helped them secure a deal with Capricorn Records. Andy played on the band’s Capricorn releases Free Fall, What If, and Night of the Living Dregs. Continue reading