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  1. Geoffrey on said:


    Really enjoyed this ’85 interview with jerry garcia. I have read much on him, and hadn’t seen him go into the level of detail that he does here about his playing. Kudos. Hey, any idea where an audio version of the interview might be found?

    Thank you,

    Geoffrey Smith
    Jersey City, NJ

  2. Glenn Segal on said:

    Great interview with a true guitar hero. Bob Weir talks about a number of subjects I wondered about for years. The influence of British bands like The Yardbirds, Beatles and Stones are clarified. Thanks for the in depth questions which brought to light the interactions of blues, jazz and folk
    strains in psychedelic music, which evolved into a 20th century unique art form. GS

  3. Willem on said:

    Dear Jas,

    Love your interviews and articles. Are you related to the flemish composer Jacob Obrecht? So music runs through your veins..



  4. jim wiggins on said:

    please extend to me a credit line on the duane allman photograph.

    i took it at mercer university in macon georgia. i receive so little credit for my work. i would appreciate it.

    photo by crazy jimwggns

    thank a bunch

  5. Renata Davis on said:

    Floyd Smith is (was) my Grandfather. Your articles (blogs) were really good. I’m doing our family tree and stumbled across your stuff – what a blessing.

    I’d like to see a copy of the hand-written letter. It didn’t come through on the blog – it could be my computer, but either way, I couldn’t see it. Can you contact me via email? I have some questions I would like to ask YOU! :-)

  6. mark speakman on said:

    Hi Jas – read you article re Jeff Beck – particularly with reference to the Wired and Blow by Blow albums
    I am a guitar player with a gig coming up (at a well know fusion club in LA called the Baked Potato) which starts with a Jeff tribute with songs from these albums
    I am having trouble replicating some of the octavia / synth sounds he uses – do you have any idea what octavia / synth units/ pedals he was using during these albums – I really want to do him justice
    thanks for your work
    Mark Speakman

  7. DICK CORBETT on said:


  8. Wayne Everett Goins on said:

    Hi Jas, just wanted you to know that the Jimmy Rogers book is coming out i September and the University of Illinois Press is doing promo for it as we speak, the great ad is on their website!!
    Cheers & Thanks!!

  9. Karen Finke on said:

    Jas Thank You for sharing Twiggs Lyndon gear talk. I had been thinking of him. He was special to me. I met him Aug. 1978 at Poppa Joes, Tampa,FL. Gregory was getting the ABB back together. He was a beautiful person, very kind and helpful. I wish he would of had more time here.
    Karen Finke

  10. oliver griffith on said:

    Hi Jas,
    Thank you for that great Rory interview. I met him and saw him perform at the Stone in San Francisco in 91′. Sitting on a stool a few feet away from me playing electric acoustic guitar. It was incredible!!!
    Is it possible to hear the audio of that interview from 91?
    Thank you,

  11. elise on said:

    Hi, Jas! I just heard your interview on “Here and Now” and really enjoyed it. There is a correction in the audio play you need to know. about. The guitar solo that was cited as played by James Gurley in the Big Brother and the Holding Company song “Piece Of My Heart” was actually played by fellow bandmate, Sam Andrew, in the original and all subsequent recordings by the band.

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