Jimi Hendrix in London, 1966

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    stone free coverThis post has been revised and expanded into a full-length book, Jas Obrecht’s Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix in London, published by the University of North Carolina Press in November 2018.


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      23 comments on “Jimi Hendrix in London, 1966

      1. liamhamptons on said:

        Keep these blogs coming! Loved this.

      2. Anonymous on said:

        A good read – thank you! Your book, "My Son Jimi" was very enjoyable also. Al came across as a warm, caring guy who was very proud of his son. Jas, I've enjoyed reading your articles since the GP days. Thanks again.RC

      3. Anonymous on said:

        Excellent article, much interest in a second installment!

      4. great post, I for one would love to hear more!

      5. Kansas Scout on said:

        This was remarkably well written. You have mastered your craft and the article was excellent. I am really impressed. Please keep this up and write the next part of the story. As for my contribution, I am completely broke after two years of unemployment and just lost my benefits. Cheers.

      6. Hideaway on said:

        Awesome !! Can't wait for part two !……

      7. Thanks! What an awesome guitar player….even upside down and backwards!

      8. anthony on said:

        Wow, the most comprehensive tellings of Jimi Hendrix arrival in London I’ve ever seen. Part two would be great!

      9. yeahup75 on said:

        Wow, that’s some piece of litterature on Jimi Hendrix. Congratulations and thanks

      10. newswede on said:

        It has been said that Jimi wasn’t allowed to carry his guitar on the plane or through the airport in London as he was on a tourist visa. One Stratocaster did come with him, but it was another who carried it.
        “Just here for a quick visit!”

      11. Jon Brink on said:

        Are there too many audio shows out there? Or are there not enough?

      12. Marcelo Paganini on said:

        Jas you are the best rock writer around, I read so many times the booklet of Robert Johnson’s recordings that I must be reciting it on my sleep… Please write more Jimi Hendrix stuff for us, I will play a Tribute show for him the day after his birthday in Chérisay – France, not too far away from Evreux where the Experience played their first gig… I found exactly what I was looking for in your blog, many many thanks, congratulations, you rock

        Marcelo Paganini

      13. Steve Barker on said:

        Hi Jas
        I interviewed Jimi at his place on Montagu Sq in January 1967, and on top of his pile of albums was Robert Johnson, !King of the Delta Blues” Columbia reissue

      14. randolphr on said:

        another great article !

      15. Emily Archer on said:

        Loved the post, but Jimi Hendrix’s first gig in London was at The Cromwellian! He played ‘Hey Joe’ with Brian Auger.

      16. W.G. on said:

        Another great article! Absolutely loving your blogs! Read the Duane Allman interviews, Jesse Ed Davis, Rolling Stones, and some of the Blues stories. Please write more on Hendrix’s London years!

      17. Todd on said:

        i have a limited edition cd of that interview it came with 2 glossy’s.
        i was around 20 something and bought it for 16.95 at the record garden in eugene, OR. it is hard to find anything about it until i found this post. anybody know anything about it?

      18. Gilles Duhamel on said:

        Very nice post… Just a little correction if you don’t mind: the CREAM picture is from 1968, not 1966… Looking forward for more, greetings from France…

      19. Jonah Ward on said:

        Thanks for this incredible portrait of Hendrix, Jas — I’ve always been a huge fan of your writing. Though Charles Cross’s brilliant biography made mention that Andy Summers was among the first to witness Hendrix’s playing, Summers himself makes no mention of this moment in his 2006 autobiography, One Train Later. (Summers claimed that his link to Hendrix came through the fact that “My girlfriend at the time is best friends with Kathy Etchingham, who is Jimi’s girlfriend, and there are moments when we end up in a club together because of the women. On a few occasions I end the night in Mike Jeffries’s flat, where Jimi lives, and I sit on the bed with him as he speaks softly and gently strums the Strat, which never seems to be out his hands.” 101.
        Could Summers have simply forgotten to include his part in Zoot’s apartment? And have you read any interviews with Summers that confirm this?

      20. Nick Warburton on said:

        Sometime in September/October/November 1966, Hendrix went to a party in London held by the Coasters. They were being backed by a band called The Noblemen and two of the band members – Mick Ketley and Malcolm Tomlinson were there. There is an entry on the Noblemen at the Garage Hangover which has more information

      21. Nick Warburton on said:

        On another occasion, I think around 26 November, Hendrix jammed with Carl Douglas & The Big Stampede at the Bag O’Nails where they were house band. I can put you in touch with band members who can provide more details

      22. Pedro Caldas on said:

        Wonderful article mr. Jas! Congratulations from this Jimi’s fan in South Brazil.
        I was just looking for some histories about that London’s legendary first presentation
        of The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
        One good friend of mine told me sometime ago that Pete Townshend had got so nervous
        with the Jimi’s performance that he lived quicly the club and told something he was going home to practice more…

      23. Rome Anscarm on said:

        Reading was very exciting !! Jas, thank you

        Greetings from Austria/Oberwaltersdorf :-)

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