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Les Paul at Home: A Remembrance by Jon Sievert

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    Les Paul with his personal namesake guitar and “Paulverizer,” June 1977.

    By Jon Sievert

    I first saw Les Paul in 1975 at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, a few months after he began performing again following a decade of retirement spurred by his professional and marital split with Mary Ford. By then I’d been working with Guitar Player for several years as a freelance writer and photographer but I wasn’t on assignment this night. I just wanted to see and photograph him for myself. My parents both loved Les and Mary so I’d heard his records when I was quite young and was fascinated by their unique sound. By 1975 I also had a pretty good understanding of his importance as a guitar player and inventor. But I was not prepared for the sheer force of his personality as an entertainer. Continue reading

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