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The Complete 1978 Sam Andrew and James Gurley Interview, 2

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    Big Brother and the Holding Company circa 1970.


    How long has it been since you’ve seen each other?

    James: Yesterday was the first time in at least five years.

    Do you keep in touch?

    James: Not hardly at all.

    How did you get together this time?

    James: Chet pulled it together again. Well, Chet was the one who got Janis with the band. See, Chet’s from Texas, and like I said before, Peter and I had seen Janis sing at the Coffee Gallery a year before or so. We were looking for singers – we were auditioning all these singers – and we said to Chet, “There was this chick we saw at the Coffee Gallery a year ago. She was the one. She had a real powerful voice.” So it turns out that he knows her, you know. He says, “Oh, I know her. I know where she is, as a matter of fact.” Continue reading

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